Saturday, 6 February 2010

Project Overview

Our project idea is called Eurodance 2010! We are looking for schools from across Europe to join our pupils in performing and recording a traditional dance from their country.

The project will begin on Monday 15th of March 2010. Each school should introduce themselves to the other contestants by posting details of their school/class on the blog by Friday 26th March 2010. This could be a short video, picture or information typed into the blog. They should also include details of their chosen dance.

Each school should then practise their dance and film their final performance. This video should be posted to the blog by Friday 30th April 2010.

All schools should then watch the completed performances and score each school out of 10 except their own. Please publish your results either by video or text on the blog by Friday 7th May 2010. The scores will be added together and the winner posted on the blog by Monday 10th May 2010.

The winning school will be rewarded with a trophy! All schools will receive a certificate for taking part.

Good luck to all schools taking part!