Monday, 8 February 2010

Hallglen Primary School - Scotland


We are the Primary 7 class at Hallglen Primary School and we are going to be taking part in the Eurodance 2010 project! We have 24 pupils in our class. We have 14 boys and 10 girls in our class. Hallglen Primary School is situated in central Scotland just outside Falkirk. At the moment we have not decided what our dance is going to be. When we do decide this we will post this on the blog.

Good luck to everyone taking part!


Hallglen Primary School


sp32bb said...

It's nice to be in this project together with you, and it's nice to see you all in the photo. We can't wait to see your performace, we are sure it will be wonderful - good luck Hallglen Primary etwinners!
Greetings from Bielsko-Biała, Poland :)

Larbert Village Primary School said...

It was nice to see your photograph and we are looking forward to seeing what dance you will perform. Good Luck from your Scottish neighbours!