Thursday, 18 February 2010

Hustopece Primary School - The Czech Republic

We are the 4.A class at Primary School - called Station Primary School in Hustopece from South Moravia (Czech Republic).
We have 9 girls and 7 boys in our class. This dance will performances a traditional Moravian folk dance. We hope you will enjoy it!


Hallglen Primary School said...

Welcome to Eurodance2010! We enjoyed reading about your class and school and seeing your photo. We look forward to learning more about your country and culture! Good luck for the competition!:)

sp32bb said...

Good luck from our team, too!
And greetings from Bielsko-Biała, Poland :)

Larbert Village Primary School said...

It's been really interesting reading about your school. We look forward to hearing more.

Hallglen Primary School said...

Hello! We are from Hallglen Primary School in Scotland. We were very impressed with your video! We thought the Eurodance body pictures were cool! Your display in your classroom looks excellent. Good luck with your dance.

Irene said...

We like your presentation, your city and your school. Personally,I love your gym and I think your traditional Moravian folk dance will be nice.I can't wait to know your folklore and your traditions. Good luck for the competition.
From:Roberta and the other pupils of I.C.Socrate-Italy