Thursday, 25 February 2010

Primary school Spinut from Split, Croatia


 Hello (“Evala” ) Europe,

We represent Primary school Spinut . It’s located in Split, the second-largest urban centre in Croatia.

“Evala” is the traditional greeting of our grandparents. 
Our school is situated in the center of Split. Our primary School 'Spinut' recently celebrated its fortieth anniversary. There are about 600 pupils aged between 7 and 14 years.   
Our pupils dance and sing in folk group. We started working 4 years ago because we wanted to enrich our children to original and ancient traditions through dancing.  
This school year the new students from 9 years were enrolled in a traditional dance group and taught his first dance steps.

Old Split dances 
The traditional dance in our city of Split was founded more than 100 years. It consists of three dances: "monfrina", "četvorka" and "šaltin polka" These dances are characterized by elegant moves, refined posture and softness of steps which show the influence of Western part of the Mediterranean.


Primary school Spinut from Split, Croatia


Hallglen Primary School said...

Hello and welcome to Eurodance2010! Thank you for sharing these photos with us. :) We are looking forward to seeing your dance.

Larbert Village Primary School said...

Hello! We loved your picture slideshow :)

Irene said...

Your school is great and also your dance is fine. I like the pictures of your country.:))
From:Stefania and the other pupils of I.C.Socrate-Italy