Friday, 21 May 2010

Istituto Comprensivo "Socrate" Italy Tarantella.wmv

Hello! I'm Roberta and I'm in the class 1h. I have been very happy to take part in this adventure,because I think that nothing unites more than music, dance and culture. These three universal values are at the basis of this project, that represents an exciting way to feel united beyond ideological, religious and rational barriers. With eTwinning something magic happened before us: we saw a moltitude of friends of ours, ready to know about us and to let us know all the details about them. In a word, with eTwinning our classrooms have widened, as if by magic, until they have touched and linked with the ones in all the European schools that have joined this project.

We are very happy to show you a little part of our culture. To do that, we have dug in our traditions to learn what "Tarantella" represented for Naples in the last centuries and how it was danced. At the end, with all the material and the support of all our teachers, we have realized this video. Besides the dance, here is our love, the joy to communicate and the certainty we have had a unique and unforgettable experience!

We hope you enjoy our "Tarantella". Thanks to you all ! :)))


Francesca Mancini said...

Wowww!!!!!!!! “Tarantella” is really really beautiful! We would like to have such a nice costumes.. They were very good! The choreography was very nice!!!
By the students of Montale school

Francesca Mancini said...

This video is really nice! The costums used for the “Tarantella” are amazing and the little children are happy for this funny experience. Good luck!
by the students of Montale school

Hallglen Primary School said...

What a super video! You all look fantastic. We love the story behind your dance!