Friday, 21 May 2010


Dear friends,
We have finally managed to publish our videos after some problems that we managed to solve. Many of you present a few dances in one video, and your videos are fabulous. We didn't manage to join all our videos together, so we present three separate ones but each is quite short. I hope it's OK. We would like to present you our students performing three Polish and one Ukrainian dance. We hope you are going to enjoy watching our kids dancing :). Good luck to all of you! Greetings from Bielsko-Biała, Poland.

1. Dance of Polish Highlanders

2.Two Polish Dances: Kujawiak and Oberek

3. Ukrainian Dance by Polish sudents


Francesca Mancini said...

It’s so amazing! The guys really have a talent. They feel the rhythm and follow the music very well 
Hope you’ll win… good luck! 
by the students of Montale school

Francesca Mancini said...

What beautiful clothes! We love your sympathy when you dance and your dance is really nice. Wow!
By the students of Montale school

sp32bb said...

Thank you very much for your nice comments Francesca and the students of Montale school!
Greetings from Bielsko-Biała,Poland.

Hallglen Primary School said...

Well done! All three of the dances are wonderful. We particularly like the first one. Your students are very talented. :)