Thursday, 29 April 2010

" Polonaise" by students of John Paul II High School in Daleszyce

Hello again! This is our recording ready to be watched. These are the third year students of John Paul II High School in Daleszyce in Poland. They prepared this Polish traditional dance, and they were very motivated by the fact you would see them dancing. Our headmaster is dancing in the first pair.The Eurodance 2010 Contest seems a great opportunity to share what we like and what the past generations taught us to do. It's nice to say that the decorations of the room (a gym) were made by the students. Greetings from Poland!


Hallglen Primary School said...

Thank you for sharing this with us! Very impressive! The gym looks fantastic too! :)

Larbert Village Primary School said...

We enjoyed watching your dance.

Saulius said...

We liked your dance!
Gedminai main school, Klaipeda

sp32bb said...

Well done!
Good luck from the team in Bielsko-Biała :)