Sunday, 11 April 2010

Hello from Daleszyce, Poland

We are ready to publish our video recording of a Polish dance Polonaise. We would like to share it with joy, yet the event that took place yesterday makes us really very sad and we will do it in 2 weeks.

Our President Lech Kaczynski, his wife Mary, and other 94 peole died in a plane crash in Smolensk, Russia. They wanted to take part in an official event connected with Katyn, Russia - where 70 years ago over 20, 000 Polish officers had been killed by shoothing at their heads. We knew a lot of people who were on the plane, bishops, MPs, people devoted to our country. We can't express what we feel; what's more, tomorrow we will have an earlier planned drama on Katyn presented by our students. Poland is mourning.
We are sending all of you hearty greetings from Daleszyce, Poland!


Hilde Øen said...

Our thoughts are with the Polish people! This was a terrible tragedy. We talked about this with our students this morning!
Warm greetings to you all from Norway and Spetalen school.

mdaly said...

The thoughts and prayers of the children & staff of Dysart N.S. in Ireland are with all the Polish people at this sad time.

Saulius said...

Dear friends and colleagues,

We the teachers of Gedminai main school in Klaipeda wish to extend to our deep condolences over the terrible catatrophe which your nation has suffered in these last days.
We share your pain and grief with you and want to assure you that you
are in our thoughts in these difficult days.