Sunday, 25 April 2010

Kindergarten №15, Zvanche - Bulgaria

Bulgaria consists of 6 folklore regions- Thracian, Shopska, Northern, Strandja, Rodopska and Pirinska. Each one of them is unique and beautiful with a different dance tempo and music. Also every region is characterized by a special national costume with matchless features. Kazanlak is in the Thracian folklore region.
The dance with which we are taking part in this project is from the Rodop region. It’s based on a famous Bulgarian song and it is extremely suitable for the kids of this age. In this short presentation we have decided to make you familiar with our town and kindergarten and also to show us in action. Remember this still a repetition and it needs a lot of work, yet I hope you will like it.

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Hallglen Primary School said...

Thank you for sharing this presentation with us. We enjoyed learning all about your town and school :)