Friday, 26 March 2010

Scoil Pádraig Naofa, Ireland

Scoil Pádraig Naofa, Dysart, Co. Westmeath, Ireland.
Hello to all our partner schools in Europe from us all here in Scoil Pádraig Naofa in Dysart Ireland. We are delighted to be joining you on this very interesting project. We have enjoyed looking at your introductory videos which give us a glimpse of your schools & the wonderful work you do there. We hope you enjoy looking at our school & some of the activities we do. We are a small school in central Ireland. There are 44 pupils in our school & we like working on our computers.
In Ireland we have different types of dance. One is Step Dancing. This is usually done by specially trained dancers who take part in competitions called 'Feiseanna'. The well known 'River Dance' is danced by professional step dancers. Another type is 'Ceili' dancing & these are danced by 'ordinary' dancers. Another is 'Set Dancing' & these are complicated dances which have to be learned. We will be dancing a 'Ceilí' dance & ours is a traditional dance called 'The Siege of Ennis'. It consists of rows of dancers, with 4 in each row. The dancers go through various 'steps' & after each round is finished, each row is facing a new row of dancers & the round starts all over again. We are all looking forward to our 'Eurodance' Project.


Hallglen Primary School said...

Welcome to Eurodance 2010! Thank you for sharing this very interesting presentation with us :) We look forward to seeing your dance.

Hilde Øen said...

Just listening to that Irish music, makes me happy!:-) Ireland has a special place in my heart, after working close to teachers and students from Nenagh, Tipperary for years on our Comenius project. We also worked with a school from Galway in an eTwinning project.
I undertand that this will be a hard competition:-)

mdaly said...

Thank you Hilde. We're delighted you like the music. Irish music, particularly dance music makes you want to join in & we hope that Europe will enjoy our dance & music & perhaps join in with us:-)