Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Athersley South Primary School - England

Hi everyone, we are class 6 from Athersley South Primary School in Barnsley, North England! We have 10 boys and 16 girls in our class and we are aged between 9 and 10.

We can't wait to start learning our dance and have been really excited by all of your fabulous posts and information. We have decided to learn Morris Dancing for our traditional dance.

A Morris dance is a form of English Folk dance and is accompanied by music. It is based on rhythmic stepping by a group of dancers. Sometimes the dancers use sticks, swords or handkerchiefs to enhance the dance.

We have some Morris Dancers and Musicians coming into school to do some workshops with us to help us learn. We are also going to make our own costumes to dance in. We'll take some photos and post them on here to show you!

Have fun and keep dancing!

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Hallglen Primary School said...

Welcome to Eurodance 2010! We are looking forward to seeing your dance and your costumes! :)