Monday, 29 March 2010

CEIP 8 de Abril - Spain

It's us again from San Antonio de Benagéber (Spain) and we want to show you our school with a video. We are 6th class and the oldest students in our school. We are 11-12 years old and we're not dancers but we want to try to dance it for all of you. We're going to dance a valencian folk dance called "La Magrana", it's a old symbolic dance dedicated to the people who worked making cloth, it's a dance performed by men, but we're going to change this, hahaha. It's great fun to dance and we hope you enjoy watching or maybe trying it yourself.

Cargado por lanayosi. - Descubre más vídeos de animales.

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Hallglen Primary School said...

We really enjoyed watching the video! It was fantastic! The fire cracker balloons were cool! Where did you get these from? We liked the music too!